Welcome to Davis County, Iowa
ADLM Environmental Public Health

Diana Daly-Husted, Director of ADLM Counties Environmental Public Health 641.777.7512
Email: ddaly-husted@adlmcounties.com
Sherry Lutz, Environmental Health Officer                                                 641-799-0331
Email: slutz@adlmcounties.com
Misty Rosenberg, Administrative Assisstan 641.724.3511
Email: mrosenberg@adlmcounties.com
Stacie Prevo, Environmental Health Officer  641.777.7511
Email: sprevo@adlmcounties.com

Food Protection Program

  1. Plan review.
  2. Issue licenses.
  3. Inspection and investigation of food, establishment.
  4. Provide training for food service personnel.


Licensing and inspection of hotels and motels.

Swimming Pools

Inspect and investigate public swimming pools and spas.

Tanning Salons, Tattoo Establishments

Inspection and investigation of tanning operations, funeral homes, and tattoo establishments.

Private On-Site Waste Treatment Systems

  1. Plan review and site approval.
  2. Issue permits.
  3. Inspection of new and reconstructed systems.
  4. Investigate complaints.

Private Water Wells

  1. Plan review and site approval
  2. Inspection of new and reconstructed wells
  3. Administer the following IDNR grants:
    • Test well water for coliform bacteria and nitrates
    • Offer financial assistance to public or rehabilitate private water wells.

    Financial help also available for well closure, these programs are under grants to counties from the Iowa Dept. of Public Health